Estate plans and wills often deal with a person’s business holdings, whether they be interests in partnerships, corporations, LLC’s, or outright ownership of a company, a knowledge of business, its workings, and commercial law is crucial to efficient administration of one’s trust or estate.  This is true whether the business will continue to be run by family members or trusted employees, sold on the open market or shut down.  This firm’s extensive background in commercial law and in commercial litigation adds value to its services in the probate arena.

The formation of business entities like partnerships and what to do with them in the event of a partner’s death or incapacity are some of the more important decisions that one or more people can make in conducting business.

Our firm has a thorough understanding of the beginning, continuance, and dissolution of  business entities.  We can help you determine the type of entity that best fits your needs, prepare its documents, help to maintain it, prepare buy-sell agreements, and provide for its disposition upon your retirement or death.

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