Sometimes one is called upon to help another, often a family member, when that person can no longer manage his or her own affairs.


A guardian is appointed by the Courts to assist with the personal and medical affairs and day-to-day life of a minor or a person who is functionally impaired.  Functionally impaired means the person cannot effectively receive or understand information or make or communicate decisions to such an extent that the person cannot satisfy essential requirements for his or her physical health, safety, self-care, even with reasonably  available assistance.


A conservator is also appointed by the Courts, but to manage the financial affairs of another person who cannot functionally or effectively manage his or her own financial affairs.

Whether the one needing help has much or has little, experienced legal assistance is required to get through the process of obtaining the legal right to help. We at Holder & Associates have experienced legal assistance with an understanding of probate law procedures and their underlying principles.

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